International radio telescope projects

A life among their designers, builders and users


About my book “International radio telescope projects”

In retirement I have written, what probably best can be called “documentaries” of the international radio telescope projects with which I have been intimately connected. These stories are a mixture of the organisational, political and major technical aspects of the projects along with my experiences in their execution. Anecdotal material is added to reflect the atmosphere in which the projects were carried out. I begin with a small chapter on my entrance in the field of radio astronomy at NRAO in Green Bank. My involvement with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) in Holland, the IRAM 30-m Millimeter Telescope (MRT) in Spain, the Heinrich Hertz Telescope (HHT) in Arizona, the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) in Mexico and ALMA projects feed the main chapters. Short sketches of visits to foreign institutes complete the book.

The book is being “self-published” through CreateSpace ( and primarily distributed by Amazon, both in the USA and Europe. The book has 168 pages with 72 (56 coloured) illustrations of telescopes under construction, instruments, people and commissioning results.

The Amazon list price is US $ 29.00, €24.00, £ 19 and available at Amazon sites in the USA and Europe. Also available from the CreateSpace eStore at

The ISBN number is: ISBN-13: 978-1483933276. or ISBN-10: 148393327X

It is at the moment unclear whether a Kindle version will be made available.

The following pages introduce the chapters with a Contents table and a Summary.